The Darrell Posey Fellowship Program accepts both direct applications as well as nominations for all of its awards. Letters of support from individuals with a proven commitment to the principles embodied by the ISE are weighed more heavily than the style or polish of the applications, although proposals will primarily be evaluated on the strength of the work to be undertaken by prospective recipients.



ISE Darrell Posey Field Fellows receive $20,000 per year for two years.

Field Fellowships are awarded to remarkable individuals with an outstanding history of commitment to issues relating to ethnoecology and/or traditional resource rights, and who are working directly with local groups, communities and organizations. They may be from a wide range of backgrounds (Indigenous or non-Indigenous community leaders, academics, practitioners and human, indigenous or environmental rights activists.)

Funds can be applied to the costs of field and project work, or to cover an individual’s time; the Fellowship is intended to support well-respected individuals undertaking excellent work, without attaching many strings or creating unnecessary bureaucratic demands on their time.

Priority is generally given to individuals who are undertaking their work outside of traditional financial and institutional support structures, and therefore in greater need of support. Individuals working on these issues often have limited or sporadic support for their work, and there are very few formal positions in the field of ethnoecology.






ISE Darrell Posey Small Grants are worth $5,000 per year for two years.

Small Grants are provided to Indigenous and local organizations and communities, or to individuals working with them, to address traditional resource rights and related issues. Almost exclusive preference is given to small organizations lacking the infrastructure or social capital to apply to large funding bodies.

Funds can be used to fill gaps in funding, respond to crises, develop institutions or catalyze change.

Clear need, as well as the potential impact of the grant, are important criteria.


ISE Darrell Posey PhD Fellows receive $4,500 annually for two years. Masters Fellows receive a one-time grant of $3,000.

The ISE Darrell Posey Student Fellowships support highly talented and promising PhD and Masters students whose research relates to some aspect of ethnoecology and/or traditional resource rights.

Fellowships are intended to support elements of the research cycle that are integral to the ISE Code of Ethics and to making ethnoecological research directly relevant to the needs and rights of local communities.

Students may come from a wide range of geographical backgrounds, academic disciplines and ethnicities. Preference is given to students in developing countries based in home country institutions and to Indigenous students in all countries.